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Discover the widest range of colours in our custom luxurious Hijab range with an enhanced modish-stitch finish.


The shawl everyone is in love with!


Here’s why you’ll fall in love with this our Luxe Satin shawls


  • It’s durable. Our Luxe Satin range is made from an incredibly strong fabric, meaning they don’t tear, stretch, or lint easily like fibers. This strength means our shawls can easily handle abrasion from machine-washing. The durability of our Luxe Satin fabric has made it especially popular for all occasions. 
  • It’s moisture-resistant. Our Luxe Satin shawl’s fibers resist liquid droplets, meaning that the fabric will draw off moisture rather than soak it up.
  • It retains its shape. While other fabric can retain wrinkles and require ironing, our Luxe Satin range does not require a high level of maintenance  and will better hold its shape and drape. 
  • It’s Smooth. Our Luxe Satin shawls have a beautiful soft feel, very similar to the feel of silk.


Size: 70cm x 180cm



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